Our Mission

  • Provide materials which will give physical
    and emotional support to Maryland’s
    sons and daughters stationed in
    dangerous and distant lands.
  • Provide “A Taste of Home” during their
    long periods of deployment away from
  • Provide private counseling services to
    returning guard members and their
    families throughout Maryland.
  • “A Taste of Home” is completely
    apolitical and nonpartisan.
  • All contact with Maryland’s troops will be
    positive for their morale.
  • Help our troops get through frightening
    and difficult days by supporting their
    brave sacrifice in the face of constant
A Taste of Home and Dr. Bob

Golf Fundraiser Program (part I)
Golf Fundraiser Program (part II)

Sgt. Joseph presents mission flag

Dental Students Assemble Smile Kits

A Taste of Home on WBFF Fox News


Our Sponsors

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the troops.

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Acts of Kindness for Maryland's Sons and Daughters in harm's way
A Taste of Home, Inc. | info@atasteofhome.org | 240-439-4329
c/o Dembo Jones, 8850 Stanford Blvd, Suite 2000, Columbia, MD 21045
"What you send helps so much.  I can't tell
you how much it means to my men to know
we are well thought of."
- Lt. Wright
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